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"The legacy of tradition and new digital technologies."

Since 1980, Studio32 selects and represents prestigious fashion companies. The showroom works with over 200 stores and boutiques in northern Italy and represents Italian brands, among the most importants are: Alto Milano, Become, Gallotti, Sonrisa shirts and Zanni.


Nowadays it's easy to be left behind in the fashion world. A world in continuous evolution, always frenetically changing. Innovation is not easy, especially for the realities born in a time and in a context where the tools used for business belonged to real life rather than digital. For this reason Studio32 turned to us. Even those who are established in the market must demonstrate that they can follow the changes and keep up with the times.


Studio32's goal was to relaunch the showroom with a new identity and a new website, in order to demonstrate that the 40 years of previous work is synonymous of experience and knowledge of the market, and not of belonging to another time that cannot compete with digital tools and strategies. Maintaining the values and taste of an aesthetic taste of another time, we have created an elegant, simple and perfectly functional website, able to give a fresh and modern image to the Studio. Innovating does not mean conforming to what others do or forgetting one's roots and traditions: it means not losing sight of the market and exploiting the past to be more competitive in the future. For Studio32 I have interwoven the new, modern and practical digital technology with the legacy of a reality that has known Italian fashion for decades.



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